The eyes have it…


I am fascinated with eyes.

Human eyes, animal eyes, bird eyes.

The old cliché “The eyes are the window to the soul” has always interested me, and I like to explore this in my photography. Can I capture a personality by photographing just a single eye?

The photo above is of  a small deer at Rathwood. It seemed to be very interested in my two year old daughter, and came very close to the fence, close enough for me to get this photo, and for my daughter to touch it’s nose. They seemed to have an instant connection, with my daughter mimicking the strange squeaking sounds of the animal so well they could have been communicating!

I feel the photo shows the gentle spirit of the animal perfectly.


With the goose, I couldn’t get quite as close. But these birds were very alert, and seemed a bit nervous, Which I think comes across. I love the colour of the eye, in contrast to the orange beak.

What do you think? Can we capture the spirit within a single eye?

Craig Lucas


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