Are you on Flickr?

Grass Track Racing

I’ve been signed up to Yahoo’s Flickr website for a good few years now. For those who don’t know, it is a photo sharing website, possibly the original photo sharing website.

I had never really used it much, as I have found that the people I want to share photos with the most (friends and family) are not on it. Which is why I’m on Facebook. I don’t particularly like Facebook, but it’s where everyone else is. If you want to share your photos with other like minded photographers then sites like Flickr or Google+ are much better options and they’re great places for a bit of feedback.

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to back up my photo collection  and started looking into my options, which are:

  • Keeping them on my computer.
  • Back up to an External Hard-Drive
  • Back up to CD/DVD’s
  • Online Storage

My laptop simply doesn’t have the memory to store all my 15,000+ photos so I use an external hard-drive for everything. Computers do crash, and although Hard-Drives are slightly more reliable, they can fail too. CDs and DVDs are also known to deteriorate over time, so I decided to look into online storage.

There are many websites such as Dropbox, Google Drive or the iCloud, which are perfect for backing up any type of files, photos included. However these come at a cost. Yes, they do have a certain amount of free space, but it is in the region of 5 megabytes, just enough to try it out, in the hopes you’ll be happy to part with some money to gain a usable amount of storage.

Social network sites are another option, as they do allow for free storage of your photos. However the downside to this free storage is that the sites such as Facebook will down-size your image to speed up loading and to reduce the load on their servers. Google + isn’t too bad as they re-size to 5 megapixels, which will still give you a decent print out up to A4.

Flickr has changed a bit over the last few years. They were always alone in that the image you upload is the image you keep. If your file is 10 megabytes that is what is stored. They used to have restrictions on uploads per month and videos etc, but that has all changed. They now give everyone 1 Terabyte of space! That’s huge! and the interface has been updated with a more modern feel.

DCF 1.0

For me Flickr has become the perfect solution. I have room to back up my entire collection. The images will still be at their original resolution if I ever need to download them. And best of all, it’s all free.

I am slowly going through everything now, making sure it’s all tagged and organized before uploading. I’m realizing how bad my photos were when I first started out, which makes me feel better about the ones I take now.

So far I’m up to 1997!

How do you back up your photos? Please leave a comment.

Craig Lucas




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