Another #wideanglewednesday post, again from my Tokina 12-24mm f4 lens on the EOS1100D

This week, we were walking the dog in Mullaghreelan Wood, Kilkea, and I just love the wide view of the trees.


Craig Lucas


#wideanglewednesday with a Tokina 12-24mm f4.

I really want to get back to posting here more regularly. I seem to have skipped a whole year… what was that about?

I did have a problem with my Tokina 12-24mm Ultra Wide lens,  which I’ll go into another time. I just got it back from the repair centre last week, so I thought today would be a good opportunity to go for a hastag theme: #wideanglewednesday fits perfectly.


Here’s my youngest comedian/daughter having some fun on the trampoline…

I’m planning to put up a gallery for each day of the week,




#throwbackthursday (obviously!)



And of course #selfportraitsunday (which is one I know I’ll struggle with).

I highly doubt that this this will be a regular thing, but it’s an idea to get me posting something for as long as it lasts, my OCD is struggling with the lack of spacing and capital letters here!

Hopefully I’ll be back again soon.




Blog, website or both?

I’ve been struggling with my website for some time. Trying to make it look professional, interesting and engaging, and at the same time keeping on top of writing posts for my blog and Facebook etc. It’s all been a bit much for me.

So I’ve decided to cut back a bit. I’ve been doing a bit of trimming on here and have decided to do away with the “storefront” style website I was originally aiming for. I find I enjoy writing my blog posts (as rare as they are) so I want to keep that side of things going.

I’ve also changed the template for my blog to one I think suits my style better.

Well that’s what I’ve been doing with myself this evening, and in answer to my question in the title, I went with the blog, the one I like most. It took me a while to realize it, but I definitely don’t have the time for both.

Craig Lucas

The awkward self portrait…


Maybe it’s just me.

Selfies are everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I see plenty at work in the Photo Lab, and there are Flickr pages dedicated to high quality self portraits.

After reading about Rosie Hardy and her successes, I thought I’d give the Self Portrait a try. I thought it would tie in nicely with my 52 portraits project too.

Usually if someone points a camera in my direction, I will simply smile, or else strike a silly pose. But when I do it myself, I just feel like a lemon. I’m awkward, I don’t know whether to smile, be serious or silly, what to do.

I’m going to keep on trying this selfie thing, but I will apologize in advance for the terrible, awkward looking images I am going to come up with. My hope is that they will improve with practice.

Maybe it’s just me, or do other people feel slightly ridiculous when taking their own picture?

Craig Lucas


The eyes have it…


I am fascinated with eyes.

Human eyes, animal eyes, bird eyes.

The old cliché “The eyes are the window to the soul” has always interested me, and I like to explore this in my photography. Can I capture a personality by photographing just a single eye?

The photo above is of  a small deer at Rathwood. It seemed to be very interested in my two year old daughter, and came very close to the fence, close enough for me to get this photo, and for my daughter to touch it’s nose. They seemed to have an instant connection, with my daughter mimicking the strange squeaking sounds of the animal so well they could have been communicating!

I feel the photo shows the gentle spirit of the animal perfectly.


With the goose, I couldn’t get quite as close. But these birds were very alert, and seemed a bit nervous, Which I think comes across. I love the colour of the eye, in contrast to the orange beak.

What do you think? Can we capture the spirit within a single eye?

Craig Lucas

Up to 10 already…

I’m still learning this whole Blog thing.

I’m still finding my way around the features of WordPress, who are hosting my website.

I just discovered the “Trophy” page and it  turns out I have 10 followers already. So, I’d like to say a big “thank you” to you guys for following me, I hope I can keep you interested. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment… even if it’s just to say “Hi.”

Craig Lucas

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography – Digital Photography School

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography – Digital Photography School.

This is a really nice list. Full of Very good advice.

I recommend you go and take a look at it!

Let me know which one you like the most, for me it’s number 66: “If you have an idea and immediately think ‘No, this is not going to work’ – Do it anyway. When in doubt, always shoot.”

I would be guilty of doing that quite often, so I’m going to try and follow through in future. Who knows, I might get something interesting…

Craig Lucas

68. If you have an idea and immediately you think : No, this is not going to work – Do it anyway. When in doubt – always shoot. – See more at: http://digital-photography-school.com/100-things-ive-learned-about-photography#sthash.9y1efffM.dpuf
40. You can’t take photographs of everything

“Blogging isn’t…

“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.” ― Jon Morrow

I have just signed up for a WordPress account.

I’m experimenting.

I’m not very keen on my current website (which I won’t share here). I find it very static, and difficult to update. By “difficult” I really mean time consuming. It is actually quite simple, but there are so many steps involved it just takes forever.

We’ll see how I go with this. I’ve tried blogging in the past without much success, I can never think of what to write. This time I will concentrate on my photography, “A picture paints a thousand words…” so hopefully I will have found my medium.

Craig Lucas