I know, I’m a little late posting this as it’s twenty past midnight, but I took this one earlier on, for #selfportraitsunday.

As I always feel a little awkward in front of the camera, I got the girls in on the act too.

Until I think of something a bit more original, you’ll have to put up with the selfie shoulder, foremost in the image from holding the camera.

Craig S Lucas


#wideanglewednesday with a Tokina 12-24mm f4.

I really want to get back to posting here more regularly. I seem to have skipped a whole year… what was that about?

I did have a problem with my Tokina 12-24mm Ultra Wide lens,  which I’ll go into another time. I just got it back from the repair centre last week, so I thought today would be a good opportunity to go for a hastag theme: #wideanglewednesday fits perfectly.


Here’s my youngest comedian/daughter having some fun on the trampoline…

I’m planning to put up a gallery for each day of the week,




#throwbackthursday (obviously!)



And of course #selfportraitsunday (which is one I know I’ll struggle with).

I highly doubt that this this will be a regular thing, but it’s an idea to get me posting something for as long as it lasts, my OCD is struggling with the lack of spacing and capital letters here!

Hopefully I’ll be back again soon.




A busy summer…

I recently noticed that I haven’t posted to my blog since April.
The summer kind of flew by me in a high speed blur of 1 second exposure proportions! From the communion season of April/May, to weddings in June and July.



I’ve also had the occasional family Photoshoot and Debs sessions, on top of days out with the family through the school holidays, and a full-time day job! Phew! What a busy year.


And now I’ve decided to update my website, so if things look a bit unfinished around here, it’s because they are…
This website is still a work in progress at the moment, slightly hampered by terrible internet speeds as well. But we’ll get there in the end.

Craig Lucas

The awkward self portrait…


Maybe it’s just me.

Selfies are everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I see plenty at work in the Photo Lab, and there are Flickr pages dedicated to high quality self portraits.

After reading about Rosie Hardy and her successes, I thought I’d give the Self Portrait a try. I thought it would tie in nicely with my 52 portraits project too.

Usually if someone points a camera in my direction, I will simply smile, or else strike a silly pose. But when I do it myself, I just feel like a lemon. I’m awkward, I don’t know whether to smile, be serious or silly, what to do.

I’m going to keep on trying this selfie thing, but I will apologize in advance for the terrible, awkward looking images I am going to come up with. My hope is that they will improve with practice.

Maybe it’s just me, or do other people feel slightly ridiculous when taking their own picture?

Craig Lucas


New Year, New Project…

I’ve read a lot recently about people’s New Year’s Resolutions, whether it’s to give up smoking, go on a diet or go to the gym more. We photographers tend to think a little differently.

I want a New Year’s Project. Something to get me out and taking photos more often.

I tried the 365 Project a couple of years ago but I found that I ran out of inspiration very quickly. For those who haven’t come across this before the 365 Project is simply one photo for every day of the year. It’s a kind of photographic diary. Unfortunately I found that on a day to day basis, I had very little time to put into my photography, which resulted in me running out of ideas very quickly. After two weeks of taking photos of my trip to work, I gave up.

The following year I went with a 52 Week Project. As you can guess, it involves one photo per week for a year. It was suggested on a blog I follow, and I signed up for it expecting great things. This time around there were themes involved. The blog host would give a theme for the week such as “Cold” and again I ran out of time and ideas.

I have since read about a project called “100 Strangers.” The idea is to take photos of 100 different strangers, in order to get used to interacting with people and to get over the shyness that a lot of photographers have with people they don’t know. This struck a chord with me as I really want to get into Portrait photography more but I have a shortage of willing subjects.

What I am going for, is a combination of the 52 Week project and the 100 Strangers. I will call it The 52 Portrait Project and I have the gallery started up under my Photo Gallery tab. Getting out to take photos of strangers, is not something I will be able to do every week, so I’ll go with anyone available; family, friends, strangers, anyone.

The first entry of the project is my own daughter Milla. It had to be really as her birthday is also the first week of the year!


I hope you’ll come back soon to keep an eye on my progress. And please do get on to me if I fail to post!!

Also I’d love to know what projects you have planned this year, let me know in the comments.

Craig  Lucas