A Satisfying day with Sam McCauley’s…


A very busy day at St Aiden’s Hall in Bunclody today, but very satisfying too. I got a lot of lovely photos and we had a good bit of dress up fun along the way.

A big thank you to the lovely Niamh for all the help she gave me during the day.

Here is a small sample of the images taken today, the The Sam McCauley’s photo-shoot was so successful we are already talking of doing another!

Craig Lucas



Just take the damn photo…

was trying to take a photo of my daughter recently. I wanted to get a close up of her eyes, focusing on her eyelashes.

All I wanted her to do, was to stand still and look at the camera.

But kids being kids, she fidgeted, kept bouncing up and down and kept pulling the most ridiculous faces possible. It was a little frustrating, but if a 6 year old is hyper, there’s no hope of getting the image you have in mind.

I could have told her off, and made her sit still, but I want to enjoy taking photos and that would spoil the fun.

I could have given up, and ended up with nothing.

Instead, when I realized she wasn’t going to listen to me, I just went with it,  laughed with her and took a few shots of her silly faces.

Once I got them onto the laptop, I saw I had something special and it wasn’t what I was after at all. So the moral is, whatever happens, just take the damn photo!

You may be surprised with the results. I know I was.

Craig Lucas


100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography – Digital Photography School

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography – Digital Photography School.

This is a really nice list. Full of Very good advice.

I recommend you go and take a look at it!

Let me know which one you like the most, for me it’s number 66: “If you have an idea and immediately think ‘No, this is not going to work’ – Do it anyway. When in doubt, always shoot.”

I would be guilty of doing that quite often, so I’m going to try and follow through in future. Who knows, I might get something interesting…

Craig Lucas

68. If you have an idea and immediately you think : No, this is not going to work – Do it anyway. When in doubt – always shoot. – See more at: http://digital-photography-school.com/100-things-ive-learned-about-photography#sthash.9y1efffM.dpuf
40. You can’t take photographs of everything